New NDIS Invoice Template, Venus Connect, and more!

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#6 This week…

This month NDIS Invoice template

To help you receive your NDIS payments as quickly as possible, or if your clients require an invoice including NDIS support items, we’ve created an NDIS invoice template that contains everything you’ll need.

You may already have access to our Patients & Funding module in which case the NDIS update is included free. If not, let’s get you set up with the new module for everything NDIS.

Should you want to learn a little more about the modules, including an NDIS solution, then head to our Knowledge Base or get in touch for a quick demo.

Venus Connect – Your Push notification solution

Reliably alert and notify the right staff at the right time. Venus Connect is making it easy to get real-time notifications.

Venus Connect Push notifications are clickable, pop-up messages sent by an app to a mobile device or desktop. They’re designed to grab your staff’s attention and convey important messages — even when the app isn’t open.
Venus Connect will replace your costly SMS bills with a data messaging platform designed to instantly save you money.

Should you want to learn a little more about Venus Connect head to our Knowledge Base or get in touch for a quick demo.

Venus Max

At This Planet, we understand when our customers use our product, and it provides them with exactly what they need from it, then their trust in our organization increases. And when our customers trust us, they’ll be more likely to share insights that can benefit our whole audience.

So that is what Venus Max is all about.

We will be asking for your suggestions to improve Venus, particularly how Venus can maximize business performance.

So, we’ll be in touch with all our clients to better understand their individual use cases, pain points and what they expect from Venus & Jupiter.
If you can’t wait for us to contact you then jump in, love to hear from you.

For more details email –

Another look at our new Venus Onboarding Assistant

Working alongside your Venus Rostering & Payroll software is our new Onboarding module.

The Venus Onboarding module will cut down on the paperwork and digitise your pre-boarding and employee onboarding process, taking care of all the mundane tasks of joining a company for your new staff.

Send documents to sign, collect all documents and forms online before day one.

With Venus there’s a systematic approach to Pre-Recruitment, Recruitment & Onboarding.

  • send intro emails,
  • gather new staff data through form fills,
  • send onboarding checklists,
  • notification and reminders to concerned parties.

Get your employee onboarding software right to get your culture right.

An automated, well-planned onboarding experience will leave a lasting impression that will help with employee retention and give more time for HR / Admin teams to provide a meaningful, memorable employee experience.

Nursing Agency Startups

Know anyone looking to start their own Nursing Agency business using Australia’s leading Rostering & Payroll software provider from as little as $ 8 a day*.

We receive a lot of calls from Nurses, Aged Care & Community Care Staff keen to understand how to start a casual recruitment Agency business of their own.

  • Be your own Boss
  • Earn more Money
  • Have more Freedom
  • Have more Fun
  • Break free from the work cycle
  • Simplify your life
  • Becoming the best version of you

So, if you know anyone that could be interested in becoming a leading provider of casual nurses and care staff to aged care facilities, hospitals, and clients needing care in their home, then we would love to hear from them.

We can get new owners started with a management software suite starting from as little as $ 8 a day*, including an unlimited staff offer.

For more details email –

*New business pre-revenue setup Saas pricing payable monthly from only $ 2.
Software set up & training $ 590.

Knowledge Base

Unable to find a quick response to a question on how to use your Venus software, don’t give up, use our Knowledge Base.
We know everyone wants easy access to precise information on how to get the best out of Venus – and we know our Venus uses would rather research their own questions and find an immediate solution to their basic problems than calling on our support.

So, here it is, our Knowledge Base, including

Feature Requests
Release Notes
Troubleshooting Tips

Use it, pass it on

Feature Request Board

We are interested in your ideas for product improvements – anything from suggestions on how to modify and improve Venus, to requests to integrate with other products you use, to completely new functionality.

Jump in, love to hear from you.

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