About Us

We can help you with all of your Medical Rostering Software needs. While we can’t promise you the moon; a partnership with This Planet will help you to expand the possibilities of your business and see the stars!

If you’ve been looking for a company who speaks your language

This Planet does more than talk the talk, we listen too – and then we walk the walk! Working in partnership with our customers, we create time-saving software solutions to help them effectively roster and pay their nursing, homecare, healthcare and medical staff. We don’t just stop there – we will continue to review and refine our system, looking for ways to make them even better.

What makes us different?

We understand the nature of the medical and healthcare industries and the nightmares associated with rostering nurses, community care, medical and healthcare staff. We developed this medical rostering software with you in mind. Our driving force in developing this software has been and always will be to help you!

Our professional and dedicated team promise to keep their innovative spirit alive and to never lose their sense of fun – committed to improving our medical staffing software so that you enjoy the benefits of less stress, more time and more dollars!

We understand that the cornerstone of This Planet’s success lies with our customers. When our customers succeed, we succeed – it’s that simple.

This Planet recognises and respects the ongoing support and friendship of our customers. Without it, we really wouldn’t exist as we are today! And because we are committed to ongoing relationships with our customers, we welcome every opportunity to get to know you and your business, and work with you to help you grow your agency. Because that’s how we like to do business.