VENUS Web & Mobile

Stay Connected & Reduce Demand on your Call Centre Team

Venus Web & Mobile works with your Venus database so you can stay connected with your Nurses, Carers and Clients, whilst reducing demand on your Call Centre Team.

Venus Web is integrated with your Venus database and provides secure online access for your Clients and Staff.

Venus Web is accessed from a link on your website, and Venus Mobile is accessed by smart phones and tablets.

Plus, complete timesheets, register attendance, automatically track hours and location worked on site or remotely.

Staff Suite

  • Review personal details
  • Review checks and registrations, and expiry dates
  • Update availability
  • Review their rostered shifts
  • Submit requests for available shifts
  • Self-roster into suitable, available shifts
  • Review SMS history sent by Agency
  • Review and print payslips
  • Send notes to the Call-Centre Team
  • Review timesheets and timesheet signatories:

Client Suite

  • Submit, modify and review shift requests
  • Review who is rostered onto their shifts
  • Review and print invoices
  • Send notes to your Agency


Quicksign allows timesheet signatures to be electronically recorded on a smart phone or tablet and sent to Venus to automatically timesheet confirm a roster.
You decide if rosters can be automatically timesheet confirmed based on the start and end time tolerances you set, or if your payroll officer confirms.
Start saving more time and trees, and get Quicksign today.
Quicksign is a value-add module for Venus Mobile.

Venus Connect

Replace your costly SMS bills with a data messaging platform designed to instantly save you money. 

With the Venus Connect App, staff will receive timely notification of any correspondence forwarded to them without the associated cost of SMS.  Staff can launch their web and mobile portal from the app and feel confident that they are getting the latest information, immediately.