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Planet Hack will keep your business in Orbit, making you money, giving you access to our latest software development ideas, newest releases, time saving workarounds or “hacks”, short cuts and tips for current users.
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Planet Hack – 1#
Did you know about the Month View Calendar?

A great monthly visual –

  • Provides a Monthly View snapshot of rosters filled and unfilled and an indication of staff listed as available on any specific day.
  • Provides a monthly snapshot of shifts that have either been cancelled or set to unfilled.
  • Provides metrics on the status of rosters that are at the point of pre-payment or invoice.
  • And much more, have a look at the video

Planet People
Our latest Onboarding module.

Let us know what your best version of an Onboarding solution would look like, have your say on the Feature Request Board.

Feature Request Board

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Looking forward to Planet Hack #2

In the coming weeks learn more about Planet Leave, our updated Leave Management module.

And, how to get the most out of Venus.